July 13, 2017

September 30, 2016

September 30, 2016

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Here comes the Mighty Megawatt!

October 12, 2016



Hey all you guys. Just wanted to get the word out to you today that work is wrapping up for my next piece of writing, the Mighty Megawatt! I am especially proud of this one, not just because of it's story, but because of the way I tell it too. 

The Mighty Megawatt follows the journey of a mediocre graduate named straight out of college named Wayne Watson as he moves to New York City with a comic-obsessed nerd, Gerry. But on one fateful day, Wayne gets into a horrible freak accident trying to fix the power. Luckily, he survives the shock. However, contrary to popular rhetoric, he does not gain super powers, but instead, he looses the most essential of the five senses: touch. 

Without the ability to feel pain, the doctors tell Wayne to stay home in a wheelchair in fear that he could seriously injure himself further without even knowing. Although instead, Gerry- Wayne's roommate- convinces Wayne to become a superhero after he sees that he can run faster, punch harder and get right back up after being knocked down. Wayne takes up the mantle of the Mighty Megawatt and begins his crusade against injustice. 

What sets this short story apart from most others that I have come across is the perspective. Whereas most fictional pieces of literature are written from the third or first person perspective, this story is written in second. It addresses the reader as if you are the superhero, giving the audience a front-row seat on the action. 

The idea to write a story this way came to me after reading a chapter of the book, A Visit From The Goon Squad by Jennifer Egan. She was the first person to do this and I admit, it would have taken me a while to come up with that idea on my own. So mad props. 

Anyways, what I plan on doing with this after it's all edited is to submit it to the literary magazine known appropriately as LitMag. It's a good way to get my name out and make some bank at the same time. They accept short stories and poetry. So if you're an aspiring author or you just want to make a few dollars, you can check out the article below. Wish me luck with the submission! Peace. 



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